What is a Medic Bag?

What is a Tactical Medic Bag? It’s a glorified first aid kit… on crack.. a lot of it.

Most of us (the smart ones, at least) carry some sort of first aid with us in our purses, cars or bug out bags.  A couple Band-Aids maybe, something for a burn, you know the drill.  A tactical medic set up is bit more.  It covers the basics, of course, but also includes things that help keep you alive until you are able to get to a medical provider.

There is a lot to think about when putting a medic kit together, so I will spare you a 30 page long post and break it up.  Let’s start with some basic guidelines and then we will delve into the various types of emergencies we may have to treat.

First, there is a reason why people pay so much money to go to a doctor.  Because the knowledge they have and the equipment they use took a long time to learn- they earned the letters.  YOU are not a doctor, or a nurse, or a paramedic.. unless you are, in which case, write your own blog post.  It is easy to buy a really fancy kit with a lot of fancy equipment in it, but if you do not know how to properly use this equipment, you could do more harm than good.  A human body is not like a car.. You cant just go out and buy a new arm if you accidently break it off.

Keep Everything Clean.  The reality of it is that it’s not a cut or a blister that will ultimately cause the most damage it is the infection that comes from using improperly cleaning the wound or using equipment that is not sanitized.

History.  Know your own medical history or the person you are helping.  Many over the counter medication are contraindicated (not ok to take) with certain prescribed drugs.

Be Humble.  If you don’t know what to do, don’t make it worse.

Your Own Safety.  In Emergency Medicine, the first thing they teach is to be aware of your own safety.  Don’t try to help someone else if you have someone shooting at you- get yourself and them into a safe position before you attempt anything.  Doesn’t do either of you much good to have both of you dead.

Improvise.  A lot of things that you can buy are things that you can easily replicate with things at home.  Don’t waste your money.  If you have money to waste, take classes.  Become educated.  The more you know the clearer your mind will be when you are in an emergency situation.

Until the next post….