Women and Guns

If any of you follow my Focus Firearms Training Facebook page you have seen my clientele. My photos, my videos, and now my upcoming Focus Forum event on March 21st have one major common denominator. Women. I was having a conversation with a good friend of mine today and she made a couple of very good comments. She was out promoting my website http://www.focusfirearmstraining.com and I thanked her for that. This is what she said: “…I want people to know about the opportunity. Lots of people are afraid of guns, but still have an interest. They just need a little coaxing. After the first shot they are hooked.” I also made the statement to her that “I am still amazed at the number of women that are asking me about doing this (training, having this forum to talk about their fears, concerns).” She made her second great comment… “I guess no one has just ever reached out and gave them the opportunity. More and more women will be interested, especially from a safety standpoint.” I do think that there are more companies making a greater effort in attracting women to the sport of shooting, but I think they are not starting with friends. Most all of my students started out as my friends. They know me personally, they completely see and appreciate my passion. After all, it was my friends and family who said I should be doing this since I have such an intense love and passion for it.

More women are getting incredibly interested in firearms and shooting, if for nothing else but for self preservation. In many of the magazines I subscribe too (NRA’s Rifleman, USCCA’s Concealed Carry and Gun World’s Home Defender) there are more and more articles geared toward women. A specific article in Home Defender’s Spring 2013 issue, is called “Women, How To Identify 10 Safety Risks”. It’s a great article and there is material in there that I will be using in conjunction with my training. I find it incredibly enjoyable and rewarding to have an intelligent conversation with a woman who has already been thinking of a million questions to ask. She exhibits her fears, her concerns, her curiosity, etc. about guns. I love watching her face as we go from conversation to the gun range to her first time pulling the trigger. One student, who pulled the trigger for the first time ever, had a look on her face of what I thought was shock. Then she put the gun down, looked at me with these wide, wild eyes and said, “can I do that again?” What an awesome feeling that was for me!

I have visions of creating an army of women who “fear no evil”. They have the confidence in their abilities and control of their firearm and know for a fact that they own their responsibility of protecting their families and themselves fearlessly! Realtors, nurses, retail workers, single moms, widowers, sisters, daughters, they all have purpose and drive. I LOVE teaching women to shoot… of course they learn right off the bat about safety and what happens if they don’t pay attention (just a note, women pay closer attention than most men), but they are why I am an instructor.

So, in my next blog I am going to cover some of the safety tips found in some of these articles I have read, the gear available for women, different types of firearms, purses, holsters, pink guns, big guns, small guns, etc. And hopefully I will have a couple of guests write a couple blog posts from their perspectives.

Stay safe, stay aware!