Travel Plans

I need to confess… this is my first blog so I am finding out there are things that need to change.  the layout, the pages, etc.  So, please be patient, we shall figure this out and get it the way we want.  Please be patient with us.

So, while I am here I might as well make it productive.  For those of you that have concealed permits, do you travel with a firearm?  Do you know the laws of the state/s you travel to?  Are you allowed to carry?  If you do travel with your firearm what is your equipment?  What is your travel box?  Do you take ammo?  I’ll give you some insight as to what I do.

Since I am Texas I know that my permit is reciprocal in 38 states.  I also check with whatever airline I am traveling with to find out what their policy is regarding carrying firearms in your baggage.  Let’s start here.  Most airlines have the same rules.  Your firearm must be in a hard lockable case.  Usually one firearm, one box of ammo.  I have have my own travel kit.  Everything I would need while I am away from home.  My firearm of choice, my holster, and a magazines (yes, I said magazines), a Surefire G2 flashlight, a Kershaw self assist knife, a Glock GLTAC3166 Tactical Light and two boxes of Hornady personal defense ammo.  The process at the airport has been preety straightforward as well.  You go to the counter, tell the agent you have a firearm to declare and someone walks you to a TSA screening area/table.  The TSA will have you open your suitcase, take your hard case out, unlook it and let the agent do his/her thing.  Once you are cleared they have to sign a declaration tag (Red Tag), and you sign it), have you lock your hard case back up, put it back in your suitcase and you then can lock your suitcase.  Yes, lock your suitcase!  Then, the best part, the TSA agent walks your suitcase to the airplane.  I have traveled like this many times and have never encountered a single problem.  But, it pays to know the rules!  Know the rules of the airline and know the laws of the state.

Below is what my kit looks like.  If you have traveled with your firearm share your process, story, etc. here.  We would like to hear what others have done and encountered.