Ladies First

I can’t believe it!  We are finally here!!!  The addition to this blog that I have been alluding to.  But, it’s not the  page that is the only thing that’s exciting… actually the most exciting aspect of this new page is that my very close friend, fellow shooter and champion for personal protection and Constitutional adherence will be managing this page.  Her thoughts (sometimes ours), her passions and her ability to do something I cannot do… talk from the heart and understanding of a woman, a wife, a mother!  Her name is Laura.

I am so excited that Laura is joining me!  Be prepared to learn a lot and be personally challenged on many levels and topics.  Here are a few words from Laura, introducing herself.

” Lover of all things constitutional. Lover of my family and country.  When Scott asked me to introduce myself those were the things that came to mind.  I am a woman who hopes to never have to use my guns in self-defense, but have prepared myself mentally, physically and through practice to use them if I had to. I plan to never let anyone take the right to protect myself away.

As a woman in the traditional man’s world of firearms, I’ve discovered that I spend a lot of my time improvising tools, clothing and my range gear in order to make it fit me as a female. I know that when I am training, I train not only for me, but because I want to protect my children when and if the time comes.

This page is dedicated to the ladies of the world. Those of us who know in order to be real Americans, we need to protect the rights that our Constitution and God has afforded us.”

Thank you Laura for being my friend and I can’t wait to see what you have for us!



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