Where Are We Really At?

So much is going on today. So much is at stake for our great nation. Today we’ll look at some of the current events, where we stand and what does it all mean to and or for us. First a couple of statistics. This has to do with the gun debate, specifically murders by guns (well, the media says “death by gun”, not “death by criminal”) versus homicides by drunk, reckless, underage or those otherwise somehow impaired drivers. Notice we didn’t say “car” or “vehicle”? Nice going if you caught that… once again, the media makes that designation. So, let’s look at the quick facts provided by the CDC (Center For Disease Control). The facts are as recent as 2012. The one thing that the CDC does do that the media does not, is that they identify these deaths, by gun and by vehicle, as homicides. Homicide: The intentional killing of one person by another; murder. So here we go. The media constantly tells those who will listen (notice I did not say “us”) that guns kill more people than car accidents every. According to the CDC statistics this is a flat out falsehood! In 2012 total murders/homicides by gun violence was 16,259. Murders/homicides by vehicular violence in 2012 totaled… are you ready? Any ideas? Ok, here it comes… 34,080. Um, did you catch that? Deaths resulting from vehicular homicides are 17,821 MORE than death by gun violence. Why aren’t these numbers reported accurately? What does the media have to gain by lying to the public?

I’m going to ask several open-ended questions: Why does the media make a difference between “guns killing people” and “drunk drivers” killing people”? Or, why does the media and several left wing politicians refer to guns as evil and but when talking about drunk or intoxicated driving deaths it is the driver that is at fault? Is a gun an inanimate object? Is a vehicle an inanimate object? Why the differentiation in media and politics, but NOT in the CDC?

Next… the media portrayal of guns as being the root of all evil in this country. Case in point, 20/20’s (an ABC news program) January 31st, 2014 show called Young Guns. The premise behind the show was to “prove” that kids are curious and attracted to guns, especially when they are mixed with candy or placed on a playground! How in the heck can they call this reporting? Pure and simple it is propaganda! Any child has an innate desire to explore, touch, feel, investigate the mysterious, including myself. Those having attended my classes have heard my story regarding my father’s introduction and admonition to me about his shotguns. I was in 4th grade. He opens his bedroom doors, says these are my shotguns, don’t touch them! Guess what? I touched them!!! Why do politicians and the media think that reducing the number of bullets in a magazine will in any way prevent criminals from killing innocent people? Do I need a magazine that can hold 17 rounds or 9mm, 16 rounds of .40 caliber or 30 rounds of .223? Maybe… what if there is more than one bad guy? What if there are several? Well, what if there is only one? Then I would not need all those rounds, hopefully, but at least I would have them at my disposal if I did need them! The media and some politicians have an agenda and it is NOT protecting the rights and safety of the every day average law abiding citizen. There is not a single media expert or politician or statistic who or which can in any way, shape or form prove that the hundreds of gun laws on the books make our streets safer. Chicago, Detroit and NYC are prime examples.

So, where are we at today? I feel the battle lines are being drawn and the divisions are being made. With close to 85 million legal gun owners in this country, that is almost one in every three American homes, we are the majority, not the minority. Why aren’t we more vocal? Why are we not leading the way, rather than having it dictated to us every day by the media and our federal, state and local governments? We are definitely starting to become more vocal but not nearly enough! So, it is starting though. the Chief of Police in Detroit has told his citizens that he strongly believes in the second amendment and recommended they receive firearms training and obtain their concealed handgun permits. Same with the Sheriff of Milwaukee County, 54 sheriffs in Colorado, the Governors of Texas, Louisiana, South Carolina, North Carolina, Wisconsin , etc.

The actions taking place across the country today are reminiscent of the actions King George against the Colonists… increased taxation without the consent of the people, appointment of judges dependent upon doing the King’s will, abdicating laws previously established, etc. Example, the BATF’s raid on Ares Armory to obtain the names of everyone who purchased legal AR15 blank receivers; Connecticut politicians’ standoff with 350,000 residents refusing to register their assault style rifles and high capacity magazines; Maryland’s proposal for gun registration; New York’s limit on high capacity magazines and today, the 16th of March, Maryland’s unlawful search of hundreds of vehicles on the interstate during a fugitive from a bank robbery.

So, where do you think we are today? Where are we headed? Will November 2014 and November 2016 provoke a new change in direction in this country, or will we continue heading down the same path toward a collision with history? Either way, what are you prepared to do? Complain, whine, vote for change, volunteer, take action, post creative little quips about your opposition to the current administration and how you support the Second Amendment, or, do absolutely nothing?

Stay Focused…


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