Ladies and Concealed Carry

As you may have heard by now, female membership in the NRA for 2013 is already up over 40% compared to last year and NRA general membership grew by 100,000 in just 18 days immediately following Sandy Hook. The NRA and NGR (National Gun Rights) are two of the major players in helping keep our 2nd Amendment alive and well. Then you have several law enforcement officials speaking out against new laws recently passed in their own states. The largest contingent is that of the Sheriffs of Colorado. The Sheriffs of 62 counties have now banned together and have written a letter to their govenor stating they will not enforce these new anti-second amendment laws he signed into effect back in April.

So, since more of you are learning, practicing and living a more protected and vigilant life I am sure you are looking for any means possible for carrying. Or, if you do not carry yet, what options are available to you? A couple weeks ago I posted the question on my FFT Facebook page… “To all the ladies who carry out there… if you holster, what do you use? If you don’t holster, how do you carry?” I recieved two really great responses… Thank you Whitney and Tammy! I also find it interesting that on June 4th Forbes on-line posted the article “Concealed Carry For The Ladies”. Ha! A very mainstream (and conservative I might add) magazine/website, mostly geared toward business and finances, discussing concealment options for ladies. See the article here… Concealed Carry For The Ladies.

Lets discuss concealed carry options for women. Women have the option of carrying in a multitude of different ways. They can, of course carry just like men, depending on their attire, weather and/or occaision. Multiple options are available… inside the waist holsters, outside the waist holsters, purse holsters, purses with handgun concealment compartments, bra holsters, t-shirt holsters, ankle holsters, etc. In my research I came across a series of Youtube Videos posted by “TheWellArmedWomanTV” . Carrie Lightfoot, the owner, has done a great job of presenting several options for carrying. If you go to her Youtube channel you will see her discussions on purses, ankle holsters, waist holsters, “summer carry”, etc. These videos are definitely worth taking a look at. Then, you have SoulSurviorX2, she is defintely a little more on the lighter side, but still very relevant. You can see one of her videos here… SoulSurvivorX2. There are several different designs when it comes to carring in a purse. I certainly would not be able to tell if someone was carrying or if it was even a concealed carry purse. Here are a few samples below:

A concealed carry purse from Gun Goddess, one from Gun Tot’n Mamas and then we have a concealed carry fanny pack from 5.11.


One of the newest entries into the market is the bra holster. Looper apparently has been making these for years but are just now becoming more popular. The company is Looper Law Enforcement. For about $50 you can get a holster designed to fit any compact or sub-compact handgun and it simply snaps over the middle of your bra. Take a look here… The Looper Flashbang.

This is a pretty cool video of a woman who is just learning to shoot and is testing out the Flashbang for the first time (as a matter of fact, she has never used any holster at all)… watch this: The Flahsbang Demo.

Crossbreed Holsters makes a line of IWB (Inside WaistBand) called the Supertuck/Supertuck Deluxe. These are popular for both men and woman but seem to be growing in popularity with a lot of women who have chosen to carry inside the waistband. Supertuck

Here is a demo of the Crossbreed Supertuck: Supertuck.

Popular with most guys is an OWB (Outside the Waistband) holster. I for one like the hard plastic Fobus Paddle Holsters. I have one on me at almost all times, either with my Glock 36 .45 or my Glock 22 .40. For competition I am using the Fobus Holster for my Glock 19 9mm… see below: Tool Nato

But, while doing my research, I found this really awesome company called Remora. They cater to women and make a variety of OWB style holsters for almost any handgun. And you can get them in black, camo, pink camo, pink, gray, and so on. They look great and have a non-slip lining so the gun cannot accidently slip or slide out of the holster. I also love the fact that they are made in the USA! I also like Fobus because they are made in Israel. Here is a video demo by Shotgun Shanni of the new Remora OWB holster. Remora OWB. You would think that an OWB style holster would be quite noticeable, but it’s not. I have friends that I hang out with (go to dinner, movies, shopping) and they never knew that at the time I was carrying, well, unless we are with my friend Freda, who always likes to make sure I am “packing” before we all go anywhere! 😉 But, the point is, they hide easily and are totally comfortable. So depending on your choice of carry gun, an OWB would be a great choice for almost all daily wear… well, except for those of you wearing yoga pants!!! I wouldn’t suggest it for obvious reasons… hehe. Here is what the Glaco Neoprene Ankle Holster looks like: ankle holster

And, once again we take a look at what TheWellArmedWoman demonstrates for us (which is the Glaco): Ankle Holster Demo.

One more holster we will cover is a thigh holster. Hey, don’t think that Mrs. Jones is the only one that could pull off wearing a thigh holster… you can too! How do you carry if you are wearing a dress and for some reason cannot have access to your purse or are at a place where you cannot carry your purse? A thigh holster. Remora, mentioned earlier, also makes a great thigh holster rig to fit any hand gun. Easily concealable, comfortable and absolutely no one would ever know you were wearing it. Here is a pretty good demo of the Remora Thigh Holster. If you notice through a couple of these videos we have seen you will hear and see that the women demonstrating these holsters talk about making sure you place the holster on your “weak” ankle or thigh. The “weak” leg is the same as the “weak” hand. It is opposite of the dominate hand that you use to shoot with and the leg you generally brace with. By placing the gun on your weak ankle or thigh it is on the inside, definitely not noticeable, but extremely easy to reach and draw with your “strong” or dominant shooting hand.

I hope this was informative and gave you a lot more to think about, especially since some of you may not be carrying right now but will once you obtain your concealed handgun licenses. I would love to see your comments and thoughts so feel free to post them here.

Stay focused!


3 thoughts on “Ladies and Concealed Carry

  1. Great Blog! Very informative.T
    he timing of me reading this is perfect. I am in the process of choosing an on-body carry holster. Thanks!

  2. I also believe that it is important for women to have a variety of carry options at their diposal. All the options have their advantages/disadvantages, but what is important is to have the right carry option for the right occasion. Whether it be grocery shopping, a night on the town, driving, watching tv, etc….

    • Courtney, first of all thank you for taking the time to read this blog and responding to it with your thoughts! Next, you hit the nail on the head. People make fun of women sometimes for “accessorizing” with everything they wear! Well, I will be the first to admit… as a guy, I too “accessorize” with everything I wear! I literally have 5, maybe six different holsters (not all for the same gun, but 3 of them are). What I am wearing, where I am going and what I am doing dictates exactly how I decide to carry my gun, and some times guns! If you choose to carry, carry ALL the time! And if you do, you certainly will need an assortment of carry options.

      I look forward to seeing your update when you decided on your carry holsters. Please be sure to share with us.

      Thanks again!

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