Object Association

Below are a few objects. Let’s play an association game. I will give you the object and a situation and a story, at the end you make the call.


1. A man drinks for several hours at a bar, get’s in his truck and drives away. Several minutes late he plows into a family in a mini van coming home from a movie. The mother, father and son dies, the daughter lives and the drunk driver lives. The association: The truck caused the deaths of the family, or the drunk driver?


2. A Chinese man walks into a grade school near Beijing, China and slashes 22 children and one elderly woman. The association: The knife caused the wounds and possible deaths of some the children and the woman, or was it the man with the knife?


3. There are a lot of overweight people in New York City. Their health is at danger, according to Mayor Bloomberg. Mayor Bloomberg has now outlawed any soft drink over 16oz. Association: Soft drinks make people fat because they are soft drinks, not because people don’t drink them in moderation, right?


4. A rapist in the area was kidnaping women, abusing them for days and then hanging them. He used a hemp rope to tie them up and then to hang them. Association: If the rope had never been manufactured or made available for purchase these women would still be alive today. The rope should be banned, right?


5. In 1991 Bobby Lee Hines, 19, of Austin, Texas, killed his 26 year old female neighbor with an ice pick. He stabbed her 18 times and people could hear her screaming for her life. Association: The Texas legislature has now introduced a bill that will ban all sales and ownership of ice picks. True or false?


6. A young mother (no, the woman in the photo is NOT the person in the story, but she looks extremely dangerous) in Magnolia, Texas hears someone breaking into her home. She grabs her 6 year old daughter and runs to her bedroom. The man breaks through the door and gets shot one time by the young mother. She had grabbed her AR15, loaded it and fired once. The intruder was later arrested at the hospital. Association: According to Colorado State University if a woman would just urinate or vomit on an intruder it would have caused him to flee. The AR15 civilian rifle is under attack, not the intruder.

What is the purpose of this Object Association? I will let you comment and then I will follow up.


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