The Passing of a Modern American Hero

I was sad to just find out that a true modern American Hero, Chris Kyle, was murdered today. I read Chris’ book, American Sniper, about 6 months ago and acquired an incredible amount of respect for him. Everything he endured, his candor about the battlefield and how seriously he took his job. I was also impressed at how quickly his company, Kraft International, has grown into a world renowned state of the art training facility. Respected and sought out by LE officials and private security firms from around the world.

chris-kyle 2

Chris leaves behind two children and a wife and an incredible legacy. The murderer, also a highly trained ex-military man, 25 years old, was captured shortly after. I hope we find out why this happened, but, I also wish a quick death to this debased repugnant creature!


If you have not read his book, now is the perfect to read it, learn about him and teach your kids about this modern day American hero!


Below is the story:


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