Is Red Dawn Approaching?

I will talk about some additional Shot Show 2013 products in another post, but I want to express some things I have been thinking about over the last couple of days. Did you watch Red Dawn, either one? Depending on your age you may be saying “what do you mean either one?” The premise of the Red Dawn movies is that the United States of America is invaded. In the first version, we are invaded by the Cubans and the Russians are advisors to the Cuban invaders. In the more recent version, and a little more likely, we are invaded by North Korea, but the Russians are still advisors. Let’s talk about this a bit.

Could this happen? Well, let’s consider some current events. Korea is threatening a test detonation of a nuclear device. One that they say will be an example of what they are developing that could reach the United States. They have also said that if the UN imposes any sanctions against them for this test they will exact harsh retaliatory action upon South Korea. Our national debt will soon surpass sixteen trillion dollars. $1.16 trillion of that is owed to China and $1.12 trillion of that is owed to Japan. The economies of Greece, Spain, etc. have collapsed due to their unsustainable debt. Are we heading there? Experts say that if we don’t cut spending quickly then in four years our national debt will be over $20 trillion, and that will cause a national collapse.

The current administration is working hard to remove our rights to bear arms. First by trying to ban 158 types of rifles and handguns, certain magazines, certain sales, etc. They are also trying to push through a national registry, which is only the first step to knowing where every single LEGALLY owned gun is in America (but yet will still have no idea where the bad guys’ guns are… anyone find that oxy-moronic?). In 1928 the National Socialists Party enacted a national gun registry and a firearm restriction, to hunting rifles. In 1932, the same party elected it’s man as the Chancellor. His first act was to ban individuals’ firearms and religious books. The rest is history.

Japan and Germany both wanted to invade the United States but both considered it suicidal for two reasons. First, it was a known fact that most Americans had rifles and handguns and the thought was that they would fight to the death to defend the nation. And, as a side note, at that time people didn’t freak out that many Americans owned guns! The second fact, that was powerfully evident immediately after the attack on Pearl Harbor, was that the United States’ ability to manufacture anything we wanted was unrivaled in the world!

But, now, almost 80 percent of what we sell here in the US is manufactured over seas and our right to own firearms is being seriously challenged. Even the UN wants to control our right to own guns. These two things alone, in my estimation, will and are making this once great nation incredibly weak and vulnerable. Not to mention the severe lack of morals within this administration and congress to follow through with their oath to “protect and defend the Constitution of the Untied States of America” as well as respect the wishes of the people.

Mexico has already proved that it can easily and frequently invade our southern border. The US dollar has very little value. The average citizen pays nearly 28% of their salaries to the government in the way of taxes, and if you get a bonus then you give back 40% of that in taxes. The US military is restricted in the way it fights current enemies. Teachers and parents can be sued if they say or do one perceived wrong thing toward a child (i.e. any form of discipline). We are indoctrinated that everyone is equal, everyone is a winner. Tell that to the 60% of individuals who fail the Navy SEALs training process!

So, is Red Dawn approaching? Maybe, unless we stand together and prove to our legislature that we tell them what to do, they don’t tell us! You want to keep your guns and the right guaranteed to own them, then stop talking and do something. You don’t approve of the national debt? Then start holding your representatives and senators accountable for not reducing spending and raising your taxes, oh yeah, and giving themselves raises.

Time to stand on the rooftops my friends an cry “Wolverines”!!!


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