First of all I hope you are familiar with the Las Vegas Annual Shot Show. This is one of your top sources for seeing the new products coming out or already available for the year. Items like handguns, rifles (AR style platforms and hunting platforms, etc.), optics, survival gear, packs and bags, tactical and police related gear and equipment, and on and on. I hope to attend next year.

This year there are a couple of great introductions that I want to talk about. First and foremost, most of you know that I am a Glock Man! I love my Glocks. I love the feel, the triggers, the balance and consistency of the Glocks. It has been awhile since Glock introduce a new model but this year they did. They debuted the new Glock 30S. My CCW is a Glock 36, which was their smallest .45 caliber ultra concealable carry gun. The new Glock 30S may end up being the new standard. They used the Glock 30SF frame as their focal point, which is a smaller version of the Glock 21SF frame. Then, they modified the Glock 36 slide, whcih is lighter and thinner than the Glock 30SF slide. This allowed Glock to create a gun that is small but allows a double stack magazine carrying 10 rounds. They are also including the pinky extension on all the G30S magazines, which is great news, especially since I had to add them to all of my G36 mags. This model is being geared toward the FBI, who already carry the Glock 36, and LE agencies who currently carry the G21SF as a potential detective carry or a back up carry. Another great thing about this Glock is that it will accept the Glock 21SF magazines too. So, if you are LE, carry a G21SF and have a situation where your G21SF is disabled or taken from you, pull out your back up G30S, slap your G21SF mag and go to town! Below are a couple of videos demonstrating the Glock 30S:

Glock Team Champion Tori Nonaka holding the Glock 30S.

Glock Team Champion Tori Nonaka holding the Glock 30S.

The next highlight I would like to discuss is Smith & Wesson’s introduction of their new M&P 10 .308 platform. This is a great new addition to their already popular M&P AR platform of rifles. This M&P 10 will accept the .308 or the 7.62x51mm, features ambidextrous controls, and can come with a Magpul collapsible stock, pistol grip and forend/handguard. You can see S&Ws video below. And their price tag is about $1500.00, which is about average for a high quality .308 in an AR platform.

Well, we will talk about a couple other new items later, but have a great day. Stay focused!


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