Ok, we have signed Second Amendment petitions, Right to Carry petitions, posted numerous thoughts and comments on Facebook and Twitter all about what the current administration is attempting to do to the Second Amendment and the types of firearms they are going to permit us to buy, use, register, etc. But, it is time to stop with the talk! Stop following the crowd (this includes myself), NOW! So, if you stop following what everyone else does, what will your plan be, as an alternative, replacement?

Here is my plan, take it or leave it.

1) The Founding Fathers founded this country and their decision making on governing and writing the Constitution by trusting and petitioning God. Makes sense, God gave us the common sense to understand the need to protect ourselves and family, thus it was common sense that the Second Amendment was the cornerstone of all the additional individual rights guaranteed in the Bill of Rights. So, I will trust God that as a people, we the people to be exact, will weather this storm!

2) I will continue to sign the various petitions and support carry laws, read the USCCA magazine, NRA Freedom and Rifleman magazines and Recoil, among other websites, blogs etc. to keep up to speed with everything that is going on.

3) I have emailed Rep. Steve Toth and have a list of others I will be petitioning to ensure they do the will of the people, not the demagoguery! Part of this petitioning will state that since they swore to uphold the Constitution I, and who knows, maybe me by myself, will hold each one solely accountable for how they handle gun rights, firearms bans and the preservation of our Second Amendment!

4) I will continue to stock pile ammunition as it becomes available or I decide to start reloading my own. I found a great place to get ammo. Freedom Munitions (add dot com to the end and you have their website). They are local in Houston. They have a lot of .40, .45, 9mm and .308, but keep selling out of everything else. I plan to be at their door for their next shipment.

5) I will continue to buy hi-cap magazines as I can get my hands on them from the manufacturers, NOT from individuals! I will not conceded to the “gotta have it” mentality fueling the $65 plus prices for P-Mags, Tapcos, Magpuls and the $45 price tags on the metal GI mags! That’s ridiculous! Be patient and buy them from the manufacturer… that will cause the local dealers’ prices to fall back in line!

6) I will try and purchase more AR parts and an Arsenal AK, if I can get my hands on them.

7) I will continue to teach anyone who wants to learn to shoot… safety, skill and maintenance!

If we the people stand together and against the raging machine that is working to whittle away at our rights, then the machine will fail. And above all, train, practice, commit yourself!



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