Happy New Year friends! Here we are, another year is upon us. I am not going to take this time to re-hash all the tons of information and mis-information that is flowing through every single form of media possible. No bones about it, these next four years may be some of the toughest this country has seen. With the fiscal cliff promising increased taxes for everyone, anti-gunners vying for a total ban of anything resembling a semiautomatic rifle (erroneously referred to as assault rifles) and the possibility of sparse ammunition, no doubt these will be times that will try us. Only the steadfast and committed will weather this storm. The weak will give in, find something else to do. I’m digging my heels in and doing everything I can to stay vigilant, prepared, trained and focused!

So, to start off this year I decided to adjust my EDC kit just a bit. My EDC firearm will always be a hard hitting large caliber firearm (usually my Glock 36 with 8 rounds of .45 or my Glock 22 with 16 rounds of .40 caliber ammunition) but I added a “spare” firearm to my kit, among a few other items. My EDC kit is different than my BOB, so don’t get confused here. Check out the pic below. This is my kit. All handy dandy tools if I happen to get in a bind. Just so you are aware, I specifically chose the Gerber Tool over anything remotely like it because every single Navy SEAL is required to carry one of these in each mission bag they have (most SEAL Team 6 members have at least 6 different mission bags). I figure if its tough enough for them it can help me out when necessary. I highly recommend an EDC with similar items. Anyone tell me what is missing?

My Kit

The next thing I started doing for this new year, stocking up on ammo and I am even considering going in with a friend on re-loading our own, especially if most calibers become hard to get or overly priced.


And, one last item. Since .22 is still very accessible ammunition everywhere I decided to modify my Ruger 10/22. I found a ProMag Archangel Nomad kit with a 25 round magazine. This will turn my Ruger into a modern looking tactical rifle. You can check out a couple pics on my Focus Firearms Facebook page.

Well, what are you doing? What’s in your EDC kit or are you in the process of putting it together? What are you thoughts about what you hope to accomplish this new year?


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