Oregon and Connecticut Shootings

In the hours to come we will be inundated with opinions as to why these shootings occurred. To say the least, both of these are reprehensible tragedies! Could they have been prevented? That is anybody’s guess. But once again, both of these shootings took place where concealed firearms are not permitted (although in Portland you can carry concealed, but it’s possible the mall did not permit concealed firearms). Even if someone could have gotten a shot off, the law abiding citizens who could possibly have carried are not permitted to.

The anti-gunners will come out once again in force telling the country why GUNS are bad and evil, rather then those who use them maliciously! They will tell the world why all guns should be banned and had these individuals not had guns these people would still be alive. I’m personally sick of this nonsense! Since the beginning of time many have determined that any tool at his/her disposal could be used as a deadly weapon. Cain killed able with a rock… Lizzie Borden killed her parents with an axe… Clara Harris ran over her husband, repeatedly, with her car until he was dead. But yet strangely enough the stone, the axe and the car have never been lobbied against as deadly or assault weapons!

No one can say that if we could re-write history and put a firearm in the hands of the people in the Oregon mall or Sandy Elementary that the outcome would have been any different, but I would like to think that if I was there, and I had my gun, at least I would have a fighting chance at survival. The sad thing is that these anti-gunners, who decry this injustice, not the injustice of the death of these innocents (especially these little children… what a horrible shame), but the injustice of the gun, the firearm, the inanimate object that did this deed, are the same people who you and I would most likely rush to their defense if we saw them in harms way! But would they change their minds? Maybe, maybe not. The question I usually ask those who wish to debate me on the cause of gun ownership, is… if someone broke into your house, with the intent of taking your personal possessions, beating your children and raping your wife or girlfriend, would you let them do it… even if a gun was within your reach? Some instinctively say no without thinking (having just contradicted themselves) and some have said “I really don’t know”.

It’s time to let the citizens of this nation, the upstanding, honest, hard working, just citizens, be able to blanket defend themselves. Allow all of these good citizen take the 2nd Amendment at it’s face value. And the second proponent to this is that the punishment for the crime needs to be equally devastating for the offender. If you go back to holding people accountable for their actions, not the object of their actions, then it is a historical fact that crime will automatically decrease!

May God bless and comfort the families of these children and adults lost to these horrific shootings and may the ones who committed these crimes meet a horrific end and eternity!



One thought on “Oregon and Connecticut Shootings

  1. Couldn’t agree more with you scott, pretty much everything you wrote is exactly how i feel about this also. With that being said i hope someday that senseless acts like these will cease to happen but in order for that to happen we need to change the hearts of humans as a whole not what we can posses, carry or buy. Sure the average person has no need for an “assault rifle” i use that term loosely. An assault rifle is a weapon capable of select fire from single shot, three round burst and automatic fire capability. An assault weapon is defined as a high velocity round, high capacity capable firearm that has a folding stock, flash suppressor, threaded barrel or bayonet lug. I personally don’t consider the assault weapon an issue myself but i do feel that the average person has no need to possess an automatic weapon. They are and have been heavily regulated since the 1920’s for a reason so i don’t see an issue with that either. I feel that under our constitution that we as Americans should have the right to possess whatever kind of firearms we want as long as all legal channels are sorted out correctly before hand. As far as stricter background checks im fine with that as well as i have nothing to hide so why not? Owning firearms is no different from driving it’s a privilege that should be taken away if done irresponsible. More people get their driving privileges taken away more often than their firearm privileges. Cars kill more people a year than guns ever will maybe we need stricter background checks on people getting their driving licenses? Anyhow taking away our guns would be unconstitutional and the criminals will always have guns cause guess what? They are criminals!!!! The law abiding citizen should never be forced to become a criminal cause our government feels we don’t deserve our freedoms much like we should never be forced to be victims. Either it be from criminals or jack booted government thugs, i hope we can find a common ground on this subject eventually. Afterall our society is based on violence and we wouldn’t be the nation we are today without our guns and people that were brave enough to rise above a controlling government and take back their freedoms. Hopefully that never has to happen again but it is looking more and more that way every year, who knows what the future

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