Everyone is Saying Remember Pearl Harbor Today!

71 years ago today the Japanese Imperial Navy struck the US military might at it’s very core. It was strategic, deadly and totally caught our nation off guard. 71 years ago the United States of America was a far different place. Different thoughts, different values, life was simpler that it is today, but yet more people had a dedicated focus! That focus was to do whatever it took to defeat tyranny. It was the first time in our history that we fought two wars on two different sides of the continent. Our people, our resources and our faiths were stretched thinner than ever, but the country held together. We had no idea how brutal the fighting really was, due to sensorship, but in retrospect, that was the best thing the government ever could have done to protect our men in harms way! If the nation had really been introduced to the unimaginable brutality and inhumanity that was WWII, we most definitely would have lost the stomach to fight.

The Japanese Empire dominated almost all of Asia and the German Reich dominated almost all of western and eastern Europe. How could we compete agains such domination on two fronts? The will and desire of the people to keep our homeland safe and the actual governing body allowed our military commanders to fight the war! I have seen documentary after documentary about WWII, Pearl Harbor, D-Day, you name it, I have seen them a hundred times over! I also listened to my grandfather’s stories, who served in the Navy during WWII, about sailing into Pearl Harbor months after the attack and seeing the carnage and the feelings that he had then had not subsided in nearly 30 years. But, today, we live in a completely different age, a different philosphy or mindset, whatever you want to call it.

Do you have any idea why we are still fighting the war in Afghanistan? Because we want to help the people? Because we believe in freedom and democracy for the world? We want to rid the area of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda? None of those! Take a look at the picture below.. it is a memorial plaque at the Pearl Harbor National Museum.


The last part of that dedication says “we will win through absolute victory”. I truly believed that after 9/11 had we gone in with absolute impunity, the WWII mindset of winning with absolute victory, we would have bombed A-Stan into the stone age, exacted retribution on our enemy rather than hunting and capturing and giving them a comfortable place to relax at Club Gitmo for 10 years. General John J. Pershing said that the only thing the enemy (radical muslisms, whatever you wich to call them) understood is killing, so the more of them you kill the more they lose the taste for killing you!

My rant is over! God bless all those who were there at Pearl Harbor, those who survived and those still surviving today! You truly were the Greatest Nation!


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