Are you singing holiday tunes right now or are you bah-humbuggin it?

I absolutely LOVE this time of year!  Usually for us here in Texas we begin the season notably cooler (well yes, 80 IS better than 100!), Christmas decorations start going up, Christmas songs start playing on several radio stations and in department stores, so yes, it does put me in a better frame of mind.  Oh, and for those of you that don’t like my use of the word “Christmas”, too bad, this is my blog!

So, as I think about the meaning of this time of year and all the gift giving that will be going on I also think about all the bad stuff that continues to happen all around us.  In fact, as you are well aware, this is the “happiest time of year” for the bad guys too!  Their “tidings of good cheer” is “hey, nice bag of goodies you just bought there, I’ll take that!”  So, while thinking of this stuff a couple things came across my mind… time to be even more vigilant that ever before and two, I have to give you all some more stats!  Man, not sure what’s gotten into me, but my research mode has been in high gear lately… it’s pretty exciting!  Well, to me anyway… are any of you reading this?  TEST… For the next 5 people who click “follow” on our blog I will send you a Focus Firearms Training cap with our logo on it! You will be the first as I am just now having them made!  So, I guess we shall see, won’t we Laura?!  Ok, sorry, I digress!  Before I get to the stats… a friend of mine sent me a photo that kind of set the tone.  I have never really thought of it this way before, but those of us who have the knowledge, expertise and compassion to teach others to shoot and protect themselves really are giving these people the gift of independence!  That is a very inspiring thought!  So below I have two versions of the gift of independence… the on the top is the one that inspired a great and grateful new nation (the signing of the Peace Treaty between the British and the Americans in October 1873 in Paris, France)… and the one on the bottom is the one that inspired a young lady into knowing she can, by Bill of Rights, gain her own independence from tyranny of any sort!

Peace Treaty

Gift of Independence


Thinking of these things brings me to kind of recap some thoughts on firearm violence.  Let’s see what people are really thinking.  First of all, it is becoming harder and harder for the media to dispute the fact that guns in the proper hands actually saves lies.

One of the most liberal papers in the nation had this to say:

The CATO institute, supposedly a non-biased focus/investigative organization had this to say:

The Washington Post, another biasedly-oriented paper, had this very intuitive article about the Bob Costas stupidity:

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) reported that there were 16,800 homicides nationwide in 2009 (sorry, that is the latest data available).  But, as I read through the information did you know that the CDC considers any death a “homicide”?  I certainly did not!  Do you suppose that could be misleading or used incorrectly by someone, anyone?  Here is an even more shocking stat from the CDC… they rank homicides, in fact they rank the TOP 10!  Here are the top 10 leading causes of homicide in the United States:  1)  Diseases of the heart  2) Malignant Neoplasms (what the heck is that Laura???)  3) Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases  4) Accidents (unintentional injuries)  4) Alzheimer’s disease   5) Diabetes mellitus  6) Influenza and pneumonia  7) Nephritis  8 & 9)  Nephrotic syndrome (kidney disorder) and nephrosis (another kidney disorder) and  10) Intentional self-harm (suicide).  WAIT!!!!  Where in the world are firearm homicides??? GUESS WHAT BOYS AND GIRLS… FIREARM HOMICIDES IS RANKED #15 in the causes of death in the United States of America!  Would you have ever guessed that based on all the mis-information that flies around via almost every media avenue there is out there???  But WHY do they not share this information?  Why, because then the gun control advocates would not have a platform and they would no longer receive “special interest” dollars to promote and support their cause, and we the people could continue to go about minding our own business without being bothered by these bozos!

The fact of the matter is that gun laws of any sort do not nor will they ever prevent the bad guys and the psychopaths from doing harm.  If you outlaw or regulate firearms then you will need to regulate (ALL other forms of assault or deadly weapons) ropes, knives, axes, automobiles, motorcycles, screw drivers, hammers, dogs (on and on… but my favorite…) and most of all sheer stupidity!  Yup, stupidity could be an assault weapon and therefore should be regulated or banned!  Wow… kinda puts things in perspective!  So, I leave you with a few thoughts and funnies…  enjoy!

Chuck Woolery…


William Shatner (this is one of my favorites)…

And finally… my all time favorite…


Have an awesome day!



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