What do you think your initial response would be if your TV or radio program was interrupted with those following words?  I have been thinking about that question since last night.  I went to go see the re-make of Red Dawn with some friends last night.  First of all, it was a great movie.  My friend’s wife is not a big fan of firearms, but at the end of the movie she said this made her think.  She said, “I wonder what I would really do if something like that really ever happened.  I do know one thing for sure, I am coming to your house!”  I think my initial response would be like that of many others out there… “whatever, no one would be stupid enough to launch an invasion force against the United States of America”!  But, let’s just say, what if?!

I am going to leave out the ongoing every day invasion from the south across our boarders.  I want to focus on a possible foreign nation’s military invasion on our soil.  Let’s look at a few facts first:

1)  The US Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Sporting Goods Association estimated that in 2006 that 17.8 million people hunted in the United States (a survey is taken every 5 years, so a new survey is due out soon).

2)  There are 4 million members in the National Rifle Association.

3)  MSNBC studied CCW numbers, stating they are on the rise and they estimated that, as of 2010, there were 6 million concealed permit holders in the US.

4)  There are approximately 3 million AR15 rifles owned by US civilians but there are no active surveys on the number of hunting rifles that are  in the hands of US citizens (but thoughts range in the several millions).

5)  It is estimated that between 39-50% of all US households own at least one handgun, that equates to between 43-55 million US households).  The estimates for the number of privately owned guns range from 190 million to 300 million.

So, with these facts in light, and knowing that a nation intent on invading our shores would be privy to this information, a foreign power would most likely not invade the US mainland.  But, just for “what if’s”, what if a foreign power got a wild hair and launched an invasion on us.  What would you do?  Things to consider:  If you were to go somewhere “safe”, where would that be?  Who would you take with you?  Would you take your pets with you?  What items would you take with you (food, water, toiletries and other necessities, etc.)?  Do you have a BOB, GOB or GOOD Bag ready?  What firearms, that you own, would you take?  Do you have ammunition?

The next hypothetical question would be, once you are in a safe place, what would you be prepared to do?  Would you hold out?  Would you fight if they came to you?  Would you take the fight to them?  And the most important question of all, would you be prepared to defend your family, friends and this nation with your very life if necessary?

There are “prepers” and militias in the US who train every day for the possibility of a national calamity, collapse or invasion.  I would definitely say that I am not a preper, but, I do have a contingency plan.  I know what to do and my wife knows what to do.  The only thing we need to hammer out is if we get separated where do we rally?  We have discussed it, but of course I am not going to tell you!

So, who knows what could happen.  Could the economy collapse in less than 4 years?  If it does what would happen?  Maybe nothing like this will ever happen, but, like preparing for your eventual demise, it’s not a bad idea to prepare for many of the important “what ifs” in this life.

So, do you have any thoughts?  Any points to add?  We would like to get your input.





  1. Those are some impressive statistics. I remember reading somewhere that in WWII the Japanese were afraid that if they ended up doing a mainland invasion of the US that they would suffer heavy casualties because a majority of our citizens were armed even then. Something to think about!

  2. Appreciate the response NVCHAD2! You are correct… it is said that Admiral Yamamoto made the comment that the reason he did not support an invasion is because “behind every blade of grass there is a civilian with a rifle”. Thanks for the input and we hope you enjoy the blog.

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