Strategic Planning for the American Family

Every company has a strategic plan.  What is that? A strategic plan is a business plan for the future.  It is usually a plan with contingencies for various scenarios.  This includes the US Government.  Did you know that the US Government has 7 disasters that it is constantly preparing for (read more in Seven Deadly Scenarios by Andrew F. Krepinevich)?  This preparation includes something they call War Games in the military.  They will get every facet of military branch and plan together a hypothetical scenario, down to the hypothetical year, enemy,  international and domestic stability, everything. They spent millions of dollars on this preparation training.

So, why do so many of us walk around thinking the world is going to be nice and fluffy and full of rainbows? It only makes logical sense to strategically plan our personal futures and have contingency plans for potential disasters that could befall us and our families.  Its scary sometimes to think about things going bad, but its even scarier to think of being incapable of doing anything about it if the time comes.  Think job loss, hyperinflation, another 9/11, hurricane, tornado, long lasting freeze, things like that.  Whether you are single and living alone, or have a group of trusted friends that you can talk about this stuff with, it important to have a plan of action.  I am sure people who live in “bad weather” areas already have these to some extent.

If you have thought of these scenarios and are already preparing for them, please share some ideas so the rest of us can share your wealth!


One thought on “Strategic Planning for the American Family

  1. Great topic, well, except for those who will hide their heads in the sand and hope the bad things will pass them by. Living in South Florida almost all my life and then in Texas for the last 14 years has given me a built in barametor of sorts. Each year I stock up on water, food items, bleach and if there is enough room in my chest freezer, several bags of ice. Then I walk through the entire house video taping everything in the house (by doing a walk-through) and then photographing the most important items and making sure I have those pics recorded along with serial numbers. Then, that documentation goes on an external hard drive and goes with me if I need to bug out. Why do all this? Hurricanes!

    Since I have dogs I also make provisions to have food and water supplies for them, toys, leashes, etc., ’cause they are going wherever we go!

    So, like Laura asked.. what do you do? Or do you not do anything and hope for the best?

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