The Ass and the Predator

In Texas we have problems with predator animals that will many times attack cattle, usually calves, cattle separated from the herd, etc.  The majority of the attacks come from coyotes.  They will wait for the perfect moment and then attack when the cattle are least suspecting.  But, thank goodness for the Ass.  You know, a donkey or a mule even, refered to as an Ass.  Most look at the ass as nothing more than a pack animal.  An animal desigend to carry heavy burdens or in old days used to plow fields.  Why was the ass so heavily relied upon?  Well, for one simple reason.  the Ass was tenacious, resiliant, steadfast and stubborn.  Farmers and explorers alike rarely chose any other animal to do the hard work because they knew the Ass would not give up.

So, I am sure you are scratching your heads by now, at least those of you who have no idea where I am going with this.  Well, here is a little known or published fact about the Ass.  The Ass is a natural enemy to most predator animals.  Ranchers and cattlemen in Texas put one, two, or sometimes more, Asses/donkeys in with their cattle.  The Ass hates predators.  The Ass will defend and even attack predators, naturally.  The Ass is an incredibly loyal animal to it’s owner as well as to the herd it has been integrated with to protect.  And guess what, the coyotes know this and will not get close to an Ass.  The Ass will fight it and literally stomp it to death.  Cattlemen and ranchers know this.  An example… the owner of the company my wife works for has raised Longhorn cattle for years and instituted Asses with his heard because he knew their value.  Last year one of the cows had a calf that died in one of the pastures.  The two Asses stood watch over that dead calf for hours.  One on either side.  As night approached the coyotes, a pack of them, lined the woods adjacent to the pasture… they outnumbered the Asses 15 to 2, but they would not move an inch.  As badly as they wanted that calf, they would not come within yards.  They knew that the Asses would do what ever it took to preserve the body of that calf.  That calf was part of their family.   They wandered the pastures with the cattle, were fed the same time the cattle was fed, they were as gentle as pet dogs to the rancher!  But, they would do what it took to protect the herd.

So, this brings me to a question… are you an Ass or a predator?  I chose to carry a firearm becasue I not only want to protect myself but I also want to be able to defend and protect my “herd”… family, friends, neighbors, whatever and whoever, maybe even strangers if necessary.  I practice shooting so that I can be “tenacious, resiliant, steadfast and stubborn” if a situation presented itself where i had to protect the herd.  I choose to carry and to practice because I not only want to exercise my Second Amendment Right, but more so because just maybe, I am an Ass!

What are you?  A predator or an Ass?



One thought on “The Ass and the Predator

  1. I love the analogy! next time someone calls me an ass, I’ll say thank you 🙂 I read a similar one in a book comparing people to sheep and wolves. The sheep in society are the people who walk around with rose colored glasses, not carrying protection, just thinking the world is a peaceful, safe place in their bubble. The wolves are the predators, criminals, watching the sheep for the right opportunity to pounce. Then there are those of us who are Sheepdogs. We live among the sheep, but are aware that we need to be ready to protect ourselves and herds at a moments notice.

    Lets not be sheep.

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