Another Gun Show Down

Take two… I’m a little miffed right now, at WordPress!  Don’t ever click on “help” BEFORE you publish your post or blog.  Why?  Well, it just wipes out everything you just wrote!  Anyway… let’s try it again.

ImageOk, so my goal for going to the gun show this weekend was not to acquire another firearm.  I need a BOB (a Bug Out Bag).  For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is a bag or pack used to keep ready at a moments’ notice for any situation.  It needs to contain survival supplies (water, MREs, thermal blanket, tactical knife, maybe a hatchet, paracord, a poncho or tarp) and protection supplies (handgun/s, rifle or shotgun, ammunition, rifle optic, first aid kit), among other items.

I looked at a lot of duffels, packs and bags but finally settled on the Voodoo Praetorian Rifle Pack.  A very versatile pack that fits my current want for a BOB.  Plenty of room, well padded, a pouch for a water bladder and a section for a rifle or shotgun.  I’m impressed with this pack and I am comfortable that it will suffice for what I need or want currently.  Maybe I will find in the future I need something bigger.  I can keep it filled and ready to grab quickly or throw in my vehicle for a road trip.  I also acquired a new Voodoo range bag.  The company I bought these items from threw in a Voodoo Tactical cap and a heck of a deal on 100’ of Rothco paracord.  Below are a few pics.

Image  Image

Soon there were will be a page hosted on my blog by a good friend of mine.  She is helping me prepare my tactical medkit for my BOB.  So, I need to put together those supplies and I think I will pick up a SOG hatchet to add to the bag.

Another item I had the opportunity to take a close look at is a brand new, incredibly well made optic by Leupold called the HAMR Mark IV.  This is an awesome optic and I am convinced it will be my next optic.  It has a T style reticle with a lighted center circle and a Deltapoint reflex sight that sits on top.  These sights are made specifically for carbine rifles.  Check out the photo below.

Well, that’s all for tonight.  Have a great week!



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