Things are moving full steam ahead!

It hasn’t even been 24 hours yet since I started the blog but already things are progressing.  I read a book recently called Fearless.  One of the key points I took away from this book was this:  If you are doing something that you love to do, then you will never have to work another day in your life again!  My current career has taken me to a good place in my life, I can’t complain.  But, am I doing what I love to do?  Absolutely not, but my goal is to get there.  I have been told by so many, after a training session, that my “passion for what I am doing oozes out” of me!  I admit it… I love it!  I have a passion for teaching gun safety, proficiency, concealed handgun to those who want to know more, want to learn, want to protect their own.  So, I am moving forward!

Things to come… a page dedicated specifically to womens’ perspectives, first aid at the range, topics surrounding concealed carry, where to shoot (range topics), and many more!  I sure would love your input.  This will be exciting!




2 thoughts on “Things are moving full steam ahead!

  1. I think all women should take part in learning to use a firearm. The world is changing so quickly and who really knows what the future will bring?

    I realize many women fear guns. Why not take a class and see what it is really all about. It’s empowering! You don’t necessarily have to carry a gun all the time, but knowing how to use one and not being afraid of it could mean the difference between life or death during a home invasion. I just finished a class for a concealed carry permit. I really enjoyed it and plan to continue to go to the gun range and practice. I was talking to someone in my class who mentioned he had a shotgun in his home. He was saying that if someone entered his home, just the sound of him cocking that shotgun would send a burglar running.

    There is no question that carrying a gun is a huge responsibility, especially for a women, we are emotionally different from men, but you owe it to yourself to go to a gun safety class and at least learn how to handle a gun. It’s actually fun. There is a real feeling of accomplishment when you complete a course and do well. I know I want to keep practicing and get better and better. The key to all of it being a pleasant experience is a GOOD instructor! If you start with a professional, you will feel more secure and you will definitely learn much more than you could on your own.

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